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Posted by John Larson, 05 April 2012 · 102 views

I ordered two more pairs of dies from Brian Russell this afternoon, 100% flat and 100% fullering to go with the 50%/50% flat/fullering combination dies for the Octagon 50 that I'm taking to the BGOP Spring Fling. My guess is that James Viste will want flat dies, but the combination dies and the fullering dies provide more options. I intend to have those dies for my own 50 if I ever find time to build it. :-) I used to put flat dies on all the hammers, but I got talked into the 50/50 dies by the Kaynes and have been using them as the installed set ever since. It has fostered a very good working relationship with Brian Russell. A good number of Iron Kiss owners have purchased flat dies from him.

The customer's 50's lever system was finished this morning. It works smooooothly. I then layed out and cut the slot in the tup's bottom octagonal disk, made the wedge, and mounted them. Actually, I made the wedge twice. The first time when I was trial fitting it and needed to take off another small amount, I mounted it backwards in the mill and turned it into a piece of scrap by eliminating the taper. :-( What is surprising is that I've never made that error before. The angle is only 1 degree so it is sooooo easy to do when in a hurry.

Located the sowblock pieces that I had made last fall. They were hiding on a lower shelf behind some ladders and a small cart. I then made a wedge for the bottom die receiver block. Tomorrow I'll get very close to finishing the die mounting and then move on to making the treadle over the weekend.