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Posted by John Larson, 04 April 2012 · 61 views

Today I got the new hammer reciprocating, got the 8 too-short ball connector hold down bolts replaced with correct length units and with blue loctite, adjusted the tup-up-at-idle feature, made a cabinet latch, and started on the stroke adjustment lever system. A buddy walked in to chat and when he left I got back to the lever system. Will finish that tomorrow.

I talked today to a contractor who stores his equipment at the third world yard about doing a concrete floor in my "new" pole building at home. The building is, essentially, a four-stall truck garage based upon its four roll up doors. I've had it in place since late 2001 or 2002. It has been for storing my antique trucks and a large amount of "stuff". It only has a dirt floor in it. I now want to improve the building so that I can begin planning for a better home work shop. I want to pour one stall's floor and then transfer things on to it so I can do the second stall, etc. The stall I want to start with has my rattiest '34 Ford dump truck in it and my parade-ready '29 Ford Model A pickup. The building uses a 2x12 perimeter on the outside of the pressure treated wood poles at ground level and these can be used as forms for the edge of the slab. I want to go below that with 16+" deep of shovel-wide trenching that is filled with concrete to deter critters from burrowing under the slab (his recommendation instead of several courses of blocks).

Right now I have to assess the hurt from income taxes before starting that project.