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Posted by John Larson, 03 April 2012 · 65 views

Today I finished 95% of the plumbing in the cabinet of the 50 and tomorrow I'll be adding the exterior manifolds. I had made the linear cam that triggers the roller valve a bit too thin. It worked but I wanted just a bit more thickness, so I made one and while I was at it I made the cam just a bit wider. That amount of time probably kept me from getting the machine reciprocating, but there is always another day. My high school mentor made sure I learned the lesson that a craftsman always takes the time to get things right. I remember that man very frequently for all that he did for me.

Got a call today from Bill Wojik (sp?) saying that the BGOP Spring Fling demonstrator James Viste requested that I bring a hammer for him to use. He used one of my machines several years ago, but I don't remember if it was a 50 or a 75. There were two demonstrators and I equipped each of them. I suspect I gave Viste the 75 and the other dude the 50 because he was going to be using a hydraulic press for most of his blade making work.

That's when and where Bill W. debuted his pusher-upper press that garnered so much interest and debate. I made a pusher-upper in response to that example and still have it, though it is specialized to do a specific job as a small scale press brake. I went on to build two other presses and sold both of them. Actually they were revisions of commerciial presses acquired at auction. I learned an immense amount from these units and will one day build myself another press with some features from each.