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Posted by John Larson, 02 April 2012 · 61 views

After I posted last night I got a request to return to the shop to show a friend the old "proof of concept" self-contained hammer. It is too tall for his shop and undoubtedly needs more refinement than he wants to provide. Anyways, this morning I moved the unit back into storage and got underway with plumbing the 50. When the post office opened I ran to fetch the dies for it and the next 50, and I also went down to the old mill to fetch the clinker breaker and its rod from the forge. At the 3rd world I fixed the clinker breaker's set screws so that it is more solid on the shaft. At lunch time I took it back and got it installed. Four months in a row I had found it loose on the shaft, so now maybe it will stay fixed a while. One or more of the other smiths seem to be equipment abusive.

On the 50 I got quite a lot of work done, but didn't finish. I just kept plugging along following my routine of installing subassemblies, making brackets for them, etc.

At quitting time a guy walked in with a welding job, so I took care of him. Another broken lawn mower deck. The lawns are staring to pop so everyone seems to be prepared for the first mowing of the season. The trees in the forests are well underway greening up. Quite a beautiful time of year along the northern Chesapeake Bay.