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Posted by John Larson, 01 April 2012 · 66 views

Did the old mill demo this afternoon. I helped the top dog of the local historic group square punch some hinge holes for carriage bolts. I now have him and the smith that organizes meetings convinced that I want to be the lone smith in the forge on my monthly date. I really dislike bumping elbows with other smiths trying to use the same fire and tools. It has taken almost a year, but it seems to be in effect now. I worked on calla lilies but seem to have lost my touch. The trick is to turn the rr spike head into a cone that grows from the stem, and then make it a tapered flat, and then a funnel shaped bloom. Getting the cone outta the head is where I faltered. Kept getting cold shuts. I think I made the power hammered stem too close to the spike head so that insufficient material was there for changing the head's shape. Also I've grown accustomed to power hammering the spike head, but I never create the cone in that process. I want to do so. So I was practicing by hand, basically.

In the morning I fixed a garden shovel handle for the wife and sand blasted and painted the rusty shovel part. Then pieced together the plumbing modules for the 50. Had to run to the store to get pieces forgotten. Will make substantial progress tomorrow.