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Posted by John Larson, 21 March 2012 · 63 views

Though I worked on the 50 I didn't do the cladding. I fetched lumber and made most of the pallet for shipping the 200. Love my pneumatic nail gun. Did another shopping trip for sand blast grit, carbide inserts for boring bars, and cartridges for the label maker. Made labels for most of the drawers in the drill bit chests. Ordered a host of things from several suppliers. Made parts for shelf bracing. Somehow the day evaporated.

I've been working on a better book keeping system. Every project has a ledger quite a bit like an ordinary check book ledger. I have on for inventory and shop supplies as well, and when I use something outta inventory for a project I record it as inventory income and project expense. No big deal in the cosmic scheme of things, but this keeps me 100% aware of every project's cash position from day one through shipment. I previously let everything lump together and then disentangled about this time each year.