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Posted by John Larson, 20 March 2012 · 67 views

I shipped the 150 today. Hurray! One more job done.

I finished making the cladding plates for the 50 project and got the pieces painted after sand blasting.

Worked at cleaning up the layout table, but got it messy again. The drill bits were inspected carefully after yesterday's experiment with metal prep and no rinsing and extended drying time. I decided there was no future in the chemical route to drill bit preparation for long term storage. So I moved to sand blasing every rusted bit--the fourth treatment for some of the bits. I then sprayed them with Rustoleum's rust inhibitor and placed them in the drawers spoken of yesterday. Obsessive behavior? Undoubtedly. But I was determined to have a first rate storage set up and I believe I achieved my vision.

Tomorrow I'll be cladding the 50 and also beginning the final clean up and palletizing of the 200. The customer has located a sufficiently tall box truck to be able to ship it crated in an upright position.

I also received the steel shipment that should have come yesterday. So I have to get that stuff cut up and brought inside.