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Posted by Jreed, 23 April 2010 · 209 views

Well I have been improving my set up. I got tired of being hunched over on the ground it was killing my back. So it was time to make an ergonomic change. I took the drum lid and cut a hole in the center with my trusty Dremel big enough for the brake drum to fit into allowing the lip of it to rest on the lid. Then I went to the local handy dandy Home Depot and picked up 3 1/2 floor flanges and 3 1/2X30 threaded nipples to act as table legs an bolted them up to the under side of the lid. The next part of the project was how to feed air to the fire pot. First I had to come up with an air supply so off I go to the local Goodwill store were I was able to get a second hand hair dryer for $5. Then down the road to the plumbing supply store for the fittings. I got two 2"X6" threaded nipples, One 2"X4" threaded nipple, One 2" Tee, One 2" floor flange, and One 2" pipe cap (note all peices are black iron the use of galvanized parts subjected to high temps gives off toxic fumes that can kill you :shock:) .

To put it all together. First off I had to drill new holes in the flange as the break drum is of a 5 lug set up and the flange only has 4 holes. After that it was just a mater of bolting the flange to the drum and screwing all the rest of the parts to the flange (I wont go into detail the pics explain it).

I lit it up to check function HOLY MOSSES this thing really gets hot fast. :lol: This is a night and day difference from the old forge. The old set up worked but it was a kin to a 4 cylinder this thing is a ticked off V8 HEMI. :D Well enough of my rambling on to the pics.
Here it is all put together ready to go.
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A shot of the underside to show how all the fittings mate together.
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Inside the firebox. I made the grate out of a piece of sheet metal.
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Flame on :D The hair dryer is on its lowest setting I found out quick that putting it on high sends flaming coals 3' in the air :o
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Here is a railroad spike that I am turning into a small tomahawk for my youngest.
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